Welcome to Voss Belting
& Specialty Company

Voss Belting and Specialty Company is a lightweight conveyor belt and timing belt fabricator providing quality solutions with exceptional service for over 80 years.

The dedicated staff at Voss Belting and Specialty Company have decades of experience and technical knowledge in food handling, original equipment manufacturing, and numerous manufacturing industries. Whether the application involves direct contact with food, specialized conveyance, general handling, or power transmission, Voss Belting can meet the demands of today’s industries. As the manufacturing industry continues to increase productivity while remaining competitive, companies require expertise and support. The professionals of Voss Belting are eager to assist in meeting these needs. Voss has the ability to fabricate both customized and standard belting with accurate, economical results within the shortest possible time frame. Using the best materials, state of the art fabricating technology, and attentive customer service, Voss Belting continuously strives for quality and long-term reliability. With literally decades of belting experience, Voss Belting knows what works best and why.

Founded in 1934 by Joseph Voss, Voss Belting and Specialty Company is still a privately owned family business located in Lincolnwood, IL just North of Chicago.